Advantages of buying App reviews

Most app developers consider buying app reviews. This is not like buying false reviews in the quantity of 100; ensure buying only real ones maybe limited. In between so many apps, you need something that plays very strong from your app side and that is app reviews. High-quality app reviews and ratings are customer’s first choice and it differentiates your app from other competitive apps. Reviews are exposed by Google also which are very unique and it also increases your revenue earning.

Benefits of buying reviews

  • Exposure

It markets the app very well. App store works with reviews and their score. Developers who buy reviews see their app climb ahead much of competition. To gain exposure it’s needed to get higher in ranking.

  • Fast results

Buying app reviews at the right time would be beneficial 2times more. Reviews get attention and drives more downloads. It brings fast results. Buying reviews brings more downloads, more reviews and ratings.

  • Enhanced returns

As soon as you get more downloads, soon you will get more reviews and ratings soon your app will rank higher and brings more organic installs which is main point and will give you higher returns. Your app will survive for long in the app market.

  • Boost app downloads

Without saying, it will boost app downloads. The more installs you get the more reviews you get. It saves time, money and you can focus on your app’s better modifications for future or updates. Buying app reviews is the most effective way to bring more installs.

  • Highly reputed app

Android app ratings and reviews are the very first thing that customer notices. If your app is rated 4/5star and with unique reviews, it’s such a boon because 95% chances of that app to be downloaded in future is sure and it creates reputation also. Unique apps with amazing features really fruitful with high reputation get easily audience and easily come in trending top list of apps.

  • Gives tough competition

100’s of positive reviews show that the app is enriched with high valued contents and amazing functions, this makes app much stronger and competitive. It can easily give competition to fellow apps and can win the long race with no extra efforts. Therefore, if you have to become highly competitive you have to get more reviews and for which first you have to buy 100% natural reviews.

  • Improved visibility

It increases app’s visibility. It improves rates of download, reviews give reassurance to future users, they describe app to its best value and higher rate makes it more obtainable or approachable.

Installs and Reviews for Android app

Android installs +android reviews= Best deals

It’s quiet absolute that the app business is vast. It is hardly possible to compete in this vast world with a minimal of a few hundreds of ratings. Well, that’s only a fraction from the great millions that rule the AppStore and the Google playstore. It’s definitely difficult to persist in the competition. With 1.5 millions of apps behind you, it shall be an initial goal to obtain the rankings amongst the top 10000 at an initial basis. There has been an increase in no of App store optimization companies that helped many apps bring visibility and discoverability. Well, besides marketing and app ads through aso companies or app store optimisation agencies , a few tactics also include the buying of reviews, ratings and downloads, so definitely that’s artifice and misguidance. However, if it benefits both the user and the developer there tends to be no harm. Well, some appstores have some stringent rules guiding these procedures, yet some promising sites exist that must be brought under the notice of the developers for greater achievements in the field.

ReviewApp4u is quite a reliable company on the  aspect. However, individually analysing Android and Apple, here I mention a few well known and reliable apps that can aid in the process of attaining reviews.


Here is the list of a few reliable app review sites for Android,

  1. AndroidTapp- If you are in search of a perfect platform to expose your talent in the field of software and app development, here it is! Cause AndroidTapp provides a complete package of the craziest updates and customer demands, besides the experienced and explicitly adoptable recommendations,  and the additional gift of live interviews with mobile app developers. It would be a golden opportunity if you are selected for these interviews, perhaps it would be working a lot on the best marketing strategies that you can afford, with the perfect exposure needed for your app.
  2. AppBrain- well, briefly summarising the chitin of the site: . It has a ‘ catalog-style data base’. Well, this is appreciable because you can search your preferences. Also, it will keep you appdated. You get to know about the latest publicly appreciated and accepted apps and their respective reviews. Just present your app, justly, and leave the rest of the work to be done by the brain.
  3. AndroidLib- it is another topper of the list of the Android App review sites. Well, it is a public representator of your app. Your app is presented to be reviewed by the users. It opens a public platform, rather a forum for your app to be reviewed by the future customers of the App.

A few examples of the iOS app review sites include

  1. AppVee is declared to be the ‘ “largest and most extensive” resource of video reviews for iPhone apps’. All you need is to convince the utility of your app for AppVee to work upon the rest so that your app is featured prominently on their website.
  2. Freshapps is quite a reputed app of the same genre. It is quite loveable amongst app developers. This provides the most appropriate virtual representation of the app to the reviewers.
  3. The Daily App Show is a treasured app review site amongst app developers because it provides an explicitly filtered review of the latest apps and checks on its updating procedure regularly.
  4. Apptism is quite different from the others because, it owns an ‘easy to use UI and a navigation feature’, and this serves perfect because it makes the search of the users quite effortless.
  5. 148Apps as the name suggests provides reviews for the top 148 various apps( may be the paid ones, the latest craze of the crowd and the gaming apps)  for the iPhone.
  6. Iusethis although the name sounds quite ridiculous, is also a demanded app review site of the iOS cause one gets the chance to submit the apps for review besides commenting and voting for the app.
How to attract users on our Android apps?

Only publishing an app on the app store or app market is not the path to success. The main factor to your app’s success is its users. Users decide the fate of an app and for this you have to get lots of users. Users not only download your app but also rate and review it which is published by Google on app store so that people can get a better idea about your app before downloading and rating & reviews are also considered as very important factors for ranking algorithm. Downloads makes more downloads and better rating and reviews. Users are solely responsible of any app’s victory. So, as an app developer your main job is to get more and more customers, convince them in every possible way to download your app, excite them with your app’s charming features, make your app popular in every corner so that they badly need to download your app and see what’s inside in it. 

Now today’s main problem, app market is already holding maximum numbers of apps. Apps from different categories are by this time giving a very tough competition to each other. So, how are you going to get your downloads? There is no. of possible ways through which you can make people download your app without forcing them or irritating them. 

  • Application features

Your app will turn in successful venture only when you put amazing stuffs inside. It simply means that you can’t impress people with serving only delicious looking food; it has to be good in taste also. Your app’s features are only responsible for your app’s retention rate and rankings also. Longer installs brings positive retention rate and keeps your app ranking high for long time. Features must be definite, confident easy to use and satisfied. Proper updates can do more progress.

No. of ways to get more users-

  • Use right keywords-

Keyword research and optimisation is very essential for app’s success. Most of apps are searched organically. 63% of iOS users search app organically. Keywords should be wisely used and placed in title and description. . Any keyword which you use should be accurate and important to your app and audience.

  • Social media marketing-

Social media these days are very lively. Every person basically has now social accounts through which they get so many things enjoyment, information, shopping details, application knowledge and awareness. This is new way to promote your app. users of every kind are very much attentive or alert in social media. They send quick replies, they react, they post and they try also whatever useful they are suggested with. Social media do app promotions. There are two ways through which you can connect to your audience organic or paid. The social media platforms where apps tend to get most attention are-

Facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, foursquare. 

Organic- organic promotions are easy and simple like having a presence with social media page or account like fb page, instagram account or twitter profiles etc. creating accounts and people follow your page. Target audience reach you. You can collect audience with posting useful, informative things, and posting attractive pictures about your app and its related work. People will join your group if they like it and download your app. like instagram where you can create an account on your app’s name and logo and post pictures like food related app with delicious meal pictures.

Paid- putting a bit of money behind your app promotion will boost your app discoverability. It makes your app more visible to target viewers. 

  • Mind ratings-

Ratings play a very significant role in persuading users to download your app. potential users like to see past user’s behaviour towards your app and ratings give enough proof. Rating below 4stars is considered not well. It is highly important for the users and app developer to value the users’ feedback and views.

  • Create a video

You can create a video promoting your app and highlighting your app features in best possible manner as well as very interestingly. Uploading a video promoting an app on youtube or app store page or social networking sites is a great way to attract users to adopt your app. always considers making quality video that reflects your app’s quality. It highlights the features of your app in a simplest and convincing way. You can easily convince users to download your app.

  • Listen to customer feedback

See it’s not possible to get 100% positive reviews; you may get negative ones too. Instead of being sad accept your app’s fault and start working on it. Don’t ever dare to stop working once you have launched your app. Always assure your users that you will work on its limitations and think it as a development job. It will certainly bring you more satisfied reviews and downloads.

  • Participate in quora

Queries are posted on Quora. Great opportunity to build credibility in your app.’s category by responding to queries posted on it. Quora is very famous and most of people try to find their answers from here, you can make your app more famous and get more users by only promoting your app while giving proper response to asked question.

  • Submit your app to various sites

It doesn’t take much effort. There are many sites allow you to list your apps. It will attract more of customers. Spreading your app in different app markets makes your app available at every possible corner and users can download from anywhere. Google play store gives certain significance to the no. of links to your plays store listing page.

  • Gifts 

You can make your app famous through sending gift vouchers. Like whenever people download your app they get 50rs. Balance in their phone or free movie tickets or certain rate of discount while shopping from particular site. This actually works; this is beneficial for both user’s and developer’s and also to third party if any. This is basically nowadays very famous method which strongly influences users to download the app.

  • Improve the app tore page design

A lot of people have managed to get more of app installs through changing the look of their app, its logo and design of app store page design. App store page design is part of advertisements and advertisement always should be done in most convincing way. A little attractive difference can bring you target customers.

  • Upgrade your ASO

The better is your app optimisation the more installs you receive in future. Never ever stop working on it. Don’t forget to test your app in every device. You can improve your product make it more suitable, compatible for every kind of device. Choose an attractive app icon which should be unique, designed, ideal and approachable. ASO defines whether users should download your app or not.

  • App promotion sites

Buying android installs is an effective measure to get your users attraction. You can get as many installs at first for which you have to pay but when you get enough installs backed with positive reviews and ratings, you start to get organic installs very soon. Android App market consist of millions of apps and every software developer is facing heavy competition and taking benefits is not possible until to you receive good ratings , reviews, rankings and thousand of installs. These days it doesn’t matter how much your app is good but if people are unknown to your app they will simply guess the position of app with ratings , reviews and rankings so it is necessary to be recognised and for recognition every developer should consider buying app installs , reviews & ratings.

Buying Android App Installs can boost your app to come at the top and to take position in the featured list of Android App store. Ratings, reviews, rankings, downloads are the perfect ingredients to reach the desired destination.

There are many companies out there from where you can buy installs.

  • Get good reviews

Apart from negative reviews, try to get more of positive high quality reviews from users. Most of users make decision only on the basis or ratings and reviews.80-90% people check reviews from app before downloading they check worth of app , try to evaluate app’s features, they read customers behaviour towards app in reviews. Reviews are mirror of app.

Above given no. of ways to attract customers are very effective and tried. So if you want to get stocks of download you can apply to these methods according to your suitability. 

App Branding

What is App branding?

It aims at establishing a significant distinguished existence in the app market that attracts and retain trustworthy app users. The process involved in creating a unique identity, a different name and images of a particular production attracting mind of the consumers mainly with ad campaigns with a constant or uniform theme. It is about creating a strong, positive conception of a company’s product and its services. Effective App branding helps companies differentiate themselves from their rivals and build a strong sustaining customer line. The objectives that a best brand sets- create credibility, delivering the message as it is, motivates buyer to buy the products, loyalty developing between customers, connecting with your audience. Not only getting target market but also solving problems or need.

Is it necessary? 

It is said that for a company’s success, one of the important things you can do is to make sure to get correct App branding. Brand is an asset of company which brings more business and prosperity, its benefits can be seen for long run. Brand increases sales 2x depends how you represent your brand in which category by give it a positive image or negative. Brand always receive preference over others, customers feels more attached to companies with a brand. Absolutely, brands bring loyal customers and extension, diversification or production and launching of new product of different category under same brand in the market, it becomes lot easy. Brands protect you from competitors and their policies when you supply quality products then customers don’t easily substitute your product with competing ones no matter any policy comes. After this it is obvious that brand is very important for any kind of product as well as any size of business whether small or big.

Linking ASO with app branding

The app which brings unique features and delivers differentiated and high quality products stands out from the crowd in an extremely competitive market.

Nevertheless, optimizing the app is essential to highlight it amongst competitors

By clever strategies and encouraging public action, optimisation by organic yield and greater exposure. Hence ASO linked with good branding strategy can improve the app success.

What is App branding agency?

Branding agencies are extremely expertise at what service they offer. Main focus of this agency is to develop, create, maintain and work for enhancement. Branding is very crucial for development of business, brand specialist will make your business more vigorous .Their main work is brand strategy by either developing or refreshing brands. This firm supports your brand by interpreting your business, its goals, and objectives and communicating message in an appropriate way. Branding agency has to be specialised in the field of brand strategy and brand identity. App branding agency or aso services company shapes a company’s reputation, boosts employees will and convince them to work hard without yelling and support the brand.

What about opening the agency in Bangalore?

Looks like a great opportunity and chances to become the best aso agency in Bangalore increases many times because Bangalore is a well established place with so much power in its hand and not less than Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata or Chennai in any respect. In fact this city is regarded as the best location to establish a new business in India. This city is fully enriched with basic infrastructure, lot of education institutions and their marvellous students, access to networking, and capital, talent etc. Also some aso companies in india are competent and strong enough so you have do a lot of hard work and have to research a lot run a successful enterprise. 

ASO agencies in Bangalore

Wise men say, ‘you can tell the ideals of a nation with its advertisements.’ I wisely recommend upon the same.

Well, it’s quite my belief that advertisement can be the driving biology, to the functioning of any online or offline services that might be available all over the world. It’s quite an amazement, that, advertisement is the laser connection between customers and the developers. It is the determinant of the major profits that might have been earned by any company or any field of service. Well, this adapter between the customers and the providers, not only constitute a major part of youth employment but also a sufficed circulation of the basic business entities all over. 

 However, the web hub of our country is more specifically concentrated in Bangalore. So, we better focus our studies upon the core of the software wealth merchant of our country.

The web jinnies… aso agencies

Digital revolution itself took birth with the birth of a mobile phone. The adjoining android and iOS systems slowly dominated the tech world, and the desktop contracted into a small mobile, and the core of this revolutionary era of smartphones is the apps that feature them. Well, marketing had been the spine support of the success of all apps in the market. From, development to marketing, well, it is all about the rat race that needs to be overcome. The tremendous pressure however is partly handled if the developer is careful and practical enough to invest upon the ad and the marketing agencies.

So, now, it would be our concern to deal with the contribution of the advertisement agencies. These agencies would work upon field that is concerned with the detailed study of the app’s marketing potential. The best app marketing channel to be used in the process is also one of the important stuffs on the to do lists. Further they afford low budget for the app marketing procedures, because, of techniques known as Growth hacking.

Next what concerns us is the presence of such as aso strategy services in Bangalore. The Silicon Valley of our country flourishes with adequate number of such agencies. The top app store optimisation companies , produce refined services in the field of social media market. To name a few, we have on the list,


Bangalore, has held the web health, that caters to the needs of most of the brands all over the country. The best aso agency had therefore been the doorstep solution to all app development wealth holders. Availing them, would definitely be a profitable step to successful web earning.

Working Tricks for more reviews for IOS app

App market has been a place for fire-fights from the very beginning. Obvious no? There are around a million apps in Play Store alone, and there are iOS and Windows store too. In a market where there are millions of products to compete with, things can never become easy. And neither we expect it to be. You know why? Cos this will keep going on. With resources becoming accessible and prevalence of start-up culture, we are likely to witness another boom in App Store soon. 

You might have read thousands of blogs and might have gone through various websites to learn how to promote your app and lead the App Store. But we are sure that all those things might have been quite tricky or expensive. Plus its tough for a new app developer to put too much of economy in a single product and we understand that. That is why this article is meant to help all those new developers and also the top players too (if they need help 😉 ). 

In this article we will go through the working tricks to get real app reviews and installs for your iOS app. Here’s how: 

Ask Out: Let’s face it. If we go into statistics, you will notice that people generally don’t take out time to write reviews even if they liked your app. And this is true in many levels. Remember the last time you wrote an interview. You probably can’t. Similarly people don’t want to invest their time in writing reviews. But reviews are important for you. They give reviews or not. You need them. That leaves you with only option. Ask them out. Yes why not. How will they know what you want unless you ask for it? But you need to be innovative before you ask them to provide all the reviews that you need. Make sure you pitch your requirements carefully. No one wants to annoy customers and what’s more annoying than advertisements. 

Make sure you have good ratings: Before you seek out to get more installs on your app, ensure that you have good rating on your app. When people search for apps, the first thing that people see is the app ratings. Only if your app has a good rating, you can expect people to download your app. The thing is. Ratings are the reflection of your app’s performance and only after you make sure that the app rating is good, you can expect your app to lead the app store. There are many ways to ensure that your app has a good rating. You can use app review and promotion websites and get ratings for your app. You can even hire freelancers if you want to boost your drive. 

Quality: Before you get into technicalities of app marketing, make sure that your app is up to mark. A good quality app is the first and foremost thing that you should ensure. People might look into design and UI of the app but the only thing that matters is the app content and quality. Being a developer, you should understand the importance of app quality. Try adding new and innovative things on your app. Make sure you provide regular update for your apps. Ensure stability of your app. If your app faces bugs or issues, you can never expect it to be popular amongst people. 

Reward your users: Yes. Asking for reviews is one thing and getting reviews is another. One of the best ways to ensure that people review your app is by rewarding them. By giving small discounts on in-app purchases, you can easily influence people to review and rate your product. The same scenario applies for app installations as well. By providing app referrals and discounted coupons, customers can be lured into downloading your app. Let’s look in a case study of Tez. This app was released by Google last year and within few months, Tez had occupied 30% of market share competing against top giants like PhonePe and PayTm. This success can be traced down to various referral and award schemes put forward to the users. This can be applied to your apps and you can make sure that you get more installs on your app. 

Competitions and bonuses: A great way of involving your users is by conducting competitions and awarding them bonuses. Say there is a competition in which you ask users to give their feedback on a particular app and in return you can award them with an extended trail period or maybe a free premium account. Basically anything you can afford. Awards can be appealing and can influence people to do what you want. This  gets easier in gaming apps. You can keep a mission/stage as completing feedback for the app. There are so many ways to optimise this for your app. Only you need to be creative and yes you do need to think out of the box. 

What else?

There are many ways by which you can buy app user reviews for your app. Below is the list of few methods that you can use for the purpose. 

  • Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, you can ask them to write good user reviews and give ratings for your app and you can even ask them to download your app. There are a number of freelancers hiring websites where you can post your ad and get your work done. 
  • App Review websites: A lot of app review websites provide with an option to buy app reviews and ratings. These websites have a large number of active users who are paid to write well customised reviews for your app and also give good ratings. The best part is that every review is organic and there is no chance of your app being marked by Google. 
  • Marketing Firms: Many marketing agencies provide packages of app review and ratings. They have plans depending on your requirement of ratings. Once you select a package, these firms ask their support staff to write user ratings and also provide ratings to your app. 
  • App Support websites: There are few websites which look after your marketing needs and also allows you to buy user ratings and reviews at considerable prices.

A word of caution. Buying app reviews is an easy task but some care should be given. Make sure, whatever source you use, down not use bots for providing ratings. Google has a strict rule with the use of bots and if found, your app will be marked and can also be removed from the play store. 

Ways to become the best ASO company in Bangalore

Aso companies are competitive and are well established with their higher reputation, launching a business in Bangalore sounds exiting and creative as it is difficult to be successful at a glance just by opening a aso services company won’t help you to get registered in the best App marketing company in Bangalore it would cost your creativity, hard work and lots of know how on ASO trends.


Brand targets its company’s name and its own identity. What thought comes in your mind when you think of a company this is what brand targets. Brand means an image that comes in mind just after listening that name it starts to form image about its products and services. Brands define its products and services. Brand creates an everlasting identity. 

5benefits business gets when brand their business

For getting clients you have to show that what the various benefits that your clients will get after branding there product by a branding agency-

  • Reputation

Brands create reputation and this is the first thing to be noticed. It develops credibility, trustworthiness, dependability, reliability and acceptability. Your brand makes your products memorable. People learn the name of the product and demand it whenever they go in the market.

  • Loyalty

It brings loyal customers. Brand somehow imposes liabilities on enterprise and restricts them to perform only better day by day it doesn’t affect what comes before and with the best performance you create world class products and make more reliable and loyal customers who always prefer you no matter what.

  • Multiple products

They get chance to launch any new product if they have produced or will be producing or are thinking to diversify or extend the chain of products provided by them. Branded products are recommended everywhere and it’s not difficult to recognise new branded product in the market. Brand power gives you hope and fire to progress. Expansion or extension or introduction of new products becomes much easier when your brand is already famous and widely popular.

  • Quality assurance

Brands develop an image in the market. It brings quality assurance and Quality control. Branding won’t harm you in anyway fact it makes you more important in the eye of whole country that you are a reliable producer and you produce only what should be produced. People always want to get quality they recommend yours brand to others when it comes to quality and your mouth to mouth advertising is done like this so easily where you don’t have to spend more.

  • Experience

Brand creates a loyal image that last long and in this way your business stays for long. You get enough experience and read out all possibilities as well as threats that bring you opportunity if you want to establish a new business. Your experience with firm and customers would help you get success in that also.

Brand makes business complete

Indeed, without it you can’t think of growing your business. Brands makes a business fully complete and remains in the mind for long time that generation after generation the item is used with same reputation.  

Do smart investment

Investment should be done after a long evaluation, think twice, thrice before putting your money anywhere. Make sure to get fully equipped with whatever needed to run a successful branding agency. Recruit all workers of your creative agency. Hire the most creative and enthusiastic ones. Collect your assets after thorough search.

Branding services for small business

Your branding agency should be able to provide its services to small businesses too. By grabbing small sectors and their growth you would be able to see your own rise. Big companies can pay actually high prices but small companies many not. And most of the people think that these services are just too costly or they can’t bear such an expensive thing or maybe it is not useful at all. It should not be like that your agency must be flexible enough not with only prices but also with its services. Every business starts with tiny shape but as it develops it becomes big. So there should not be any kind of underestimation and equal services to all as well as same treatment with every client because every client shall be matter of concern for your company.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy defines rules and guidelines related to brand. It is sincerely on of the important aspects which gives competitive advantage. Brands distinguish one product from other its substitutes or competitive. It is said that branding is strategic whereas marketing is tactic. A well defined brand strategy defines strong communication between customer and client’s product. Brands give a very strong message and higher brand equity. 

Pay special attention to these points while working for clients –

  1. App Logo

  Logo is the most important asset of the company. Logo shows what company offers, in which sector your business is located. Logo you select for client’s company product should be –

  • Short ,simple, recognizable and memorable 
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Express the business idea 
  • Must be different from competitive companies, it should have its own unique, interesting logo
  • Have the capacity to communicate 

Brand identity designers should be experts in symbols, signatures, emblems and word marks that express the essential of business. There must be work through dozens of sketches, and digital iterations. 

2. Competitive awareness

Company’s brand should be competitive. It must be challenging. Improve the strategy of client’s banding and create greater value of brand. Always differentiate the product of client’s with other brands. You may sell a similar product but your brand should be unique from others. Give it a higher value.

3. Purpose and flexible

Brand behaves like promise and promise should always be kept. Brand must not be waste it must show the purpose of company or its product. It must reveal the main job of the product. Your purpose must be specific it differentiates between you and your competitors.

The app store optimisation agencies must be flexible and adaptive to the environment according to changing environment; you have to change your strategies or planning according to changing needs.

Marketing problems and advertising techniques for ASO agencies


Some common problems that every client faces when they come to app store optimization company and you are here to solve the entire problem. Those problems are common but major ones which need to be addressed on time to remove all the barriers and embrace the marketing opportunities, growth, development and sales increase of the product and services. This article is prepared for both agency and any enterprise other than agency if you are a company then replace client name with your company name.

Top app store optimization companies in Bangalore have conquered all over its marketing problems and are consistently improving their services with the changing time and beating the competition in their own freestyle. There a list of aso companies in Bangalore, their applied tactics, marketing strategies would help you to get great knowledge if you have opened a new ad agency. ASO companies in Bangalore are just best at its services and set an example for new firms how to tackle the situation and rise above the mud and excel at whatever your job is.

Marketing issues and related solutions

  1. Your client’s product and services needs a little attention

Your client product is in a state where no one cares to look at it. Any products for being sold have to be looked first. This is not actually a drawback but a challenge, a challenge which needs to be accepted. There are many things that an ad agency can do to gain precious 2minutes of customers.

Solution to this problem-

 Find the influencers in the marketplace this strategy is now not very difficult because you don’t have to move your legs but social media and Google will do that for you. Social media and Google basically posses all the details of the customer and can help you find targeted customers without much effort but research work. You just have to find bloggers, analysts, and adopters and people who were talking about your market and build network.

Try to be social, join discussion groups, attend quora query and support the clients products and services promote them. Offer guidance and support. 

Start forming a connection between your Client Company and targeted audience, start building a unique selling preposition which connects somehow products with customers need and trust. Show your beliefs, ideas; concern right people will notice it.

2. Your client’s is tired of trying everything

Seriously, no one wants to waste their money at something which they already have or conquered if a client approaches you means he is concerned about his business and wants you to take interest deeply in his business growth opportunities or problems related to sales. It shows that he has tried everything but nothing worked it might be possible that whatever he tried was with lack of perfection or expert techniques in that work. 

Solution to this problem- 

Search engine optimisation- it’s really effective try it. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, original organic, editorial or earned or 100% natural search results on search engines. It increases online visibility. But SEO is a long run synonym marathon you can’t win it like a race make it sure your client gets or understand this fact.

Creating public relations, it requires a lot of work to be done; building media lists, generating newsworthy stories, compile pitch stuffs, together. Its effects are long term but it works slowly as good things takes time. Evaluate your every details and just go for improvement.

3. Don’t know how to compete actually and is lost in the market world

Competition is growing at a very fast pace. If you want to stand out from the competition you have to look at your competitor’s policy and marketing strategies so that actually you can apply something different that makes you elegant and noticeable. You have to compete hard in order to make room for your services in this field and this is for both agency as well as client.

Solution to this problem- going niche is right decision to take. Let your expertise spreads across all the deals.

4. A very compact budget

Client has set a budget and they want to be served best in the same. They come with predefined budget and want to seek all possible best services from you in order to rise their selling and brand value. Actually when they present their first budget that’s not exactly they only have you have to do something to raise their budget a little in order to maximize the utility or full-fledged professionalism.

Solution to this problem- 

Confirm them your strategic plans and actions which your agency has decided for its benefit. Agree them that without that sound strategic plan they are just going to waste their dollars.

Show them return on investment that they can easily expect from each campaign. You have to be sure with your details because here you are convincing them and that shouldn’t be a fake report or analysis. Feel them contented with your expertise and professional ad campaigns.

5. Brand recognition almost absent

Main important point is brand development or establihment. What names or slogans or taglines or a word is there to remember you and your products in any way? Coming from ground level and building a brand name to become a big industry. 

Solution to this problem

How to acquire brand recognition

  • Evaluate the brand

Whatever brand you have currently or at present think practically is it working? Needs any improvement or modifications? Are you satisfied with its name used? No tagline needs to develop? Any effectiveness or popularity you get to see? Focus on these things and evaluate logically.

  • Get to know the brand

Understand that the product’s customers, who are, targeted audience, your unique selling preposition, what you show about your product to people? And who does not come under the product category.

  • Consistent brand

Try to create a consistency in everything related to company, all of the property should look like belongs to the company, website, social media profiles, print materials, business cards and email footers etc. 

  • Online marketing

Online marketing is very rich and well settled. You can do many things like social media marketing, email marketing, electronic newsletters, content developers, graphic designers, printing materials, website developing or enhancing if it exists, sponsoring, SEO/Keyword researches, Marketing researches and software, Events organising, Data analysis, Mobile applications inserting your firm names or ad campaigns.

  • Public relations

Establishing PR as I have told you is a long process but is very effective to win customers heart and mind for long term. It can go a long way to change the perception of brand. It takes experience and dedication to move right.

Ways to establish connection with clients

  • Transparency- not hiding anything, giving every material information in detail and describing everything in an understanding manner
  • 24hours support- support should be for 24*7 and there must be some way effective for communication where he can clear his doubts or give suggestions, ideas or improve anything predecided
  • Paying attention to every details sent by clients, always remain connected with clients your communication shows how your agency is. 
  • Establish trust and confidence not by mere words but by actions. Stay accountable and reliable.
  • Maintain after sale relationship never treats an old client like no one, he should be treated as priority because it establishes goodwill and Goodwill attracts more clients.

Role of ad agencies-

  • Its role starts with identifying client’s goal and objectives as what they want.
  • Advertising agency is a service provider that assist its client developing suitable ad campaigns for them
  • Ad agencies main work is to represent its client product in such a manner before its customer that leaves a very positive image.
  • Ad agencies work with an objective with utmost professionalism to optimum use of people’s experience, knowledge to advertise the client’s product. 
  • Doing research on company, its product and possible reactions of customers 
  • Planning for type of media to be used for advertising where to be used and fro how much time.

Advertising techniques which can be used by any advertisers 

Best advertising techniques should be adopted in order to achieve desired results. So here below given are some common and most used techniques used by the advertisers.

  • Emotional advertisement
  • Promotional advertisement

This method basically says that you are clearly involved in distributing sample products to people to gain some attention and to become their new taste. Distributing products small sample for free may cost you high at first but is very beneficial as this attracts so much attention. You can give it in ad campaigns, promotional events, trade fairs, etc. 

  • Unfinished ads

Unfinished ads are the most interesting way to keep your customers on your track. It gives a feeling of suspense and what would be next part excites most like any drama or daily soap episodes last scenes creates so much suspense to just keep audiences with them, in the same way interesting or suspense ads can do that work for you. Creating such ads develops a feeling to know more about the product.

  • Praising Customers 

Appreciating customers choice their level of thinking involve under this. This is indirectly forcing them to have best choice by selecting them (client’s product) only over competitors. Creating or making any ad and showing that your product is the best and your customer know well this fact because they are smart and worth it kind.   

  • Country oriented ads

Connecting your nation while promoting your product, it’s not selfish instead it develops a feeling of being patriotic and generates thinking about our own nation can become more strong, leader and self sufficient etc. being patriotic you can admire your clients product. If you are going to buy one pack of this you will be helping one child such kinds of ads are praised and connecting organisation and donating to needy ones provides self satisfaction too. 

  • Offers

Like bribing where you simply give them mouth watering offers like buy 1 get 2 or buy 2 get 3 yeah sounds really exciting. These kinds of offers forces customers to at least check for once the shop and who knows may be after that they like your product.

  • Interesting quizzes

Conducting face to face or online quizzes and describing about your product is also one fine strategy. TV ads like asking several questions from several people and in last answering your product’s brand name.

  • Social networking sites

Social networking sites are these days very active and awesome. Through this way you can spread awareness about your client company and its products to many people at the same time. Networking sites are the future.  Blogging is also very effective tool through which you can share information. It does extra promotion and takes you ahead of competition. Twitter, whatsapp, facebook or Instagram are some of the most popular social networking sites which connects people from all over world and nowadays it creates a strong base for business deals, contracts, where you directly communicate to your clients, their customers your customers. 

What are the important platform to get free reviews?

What’s more difficult than writing codes? Well app marketing obviously. Making people to download your app is possibly one of the biggest challenge you will face as a developer. And this challenge is a really important one. If done well, your app can be one of the top performing apps and if you fail somehow, then there are chances that your app will move out of the competition. This is clear now. App Marketing is a pretty important thing. 

Decoding App Performance 

Before going deeper into the topic, let us understand how the App Store works and how your app’s performance is measured. Coming into basics, your app’s performance is measured by mainly three things. These are: 

  1. App Reviews
  2. App Ratings
  3. App installs 

To get through this quickly, let us start with the simplest fact. Before people download your app, they generally look at the app ratings and read the app reviews. This is a way to ensure that your app can be trusted and can be installed. Your app’s standing in the search list also depends on the above mentioned factors. If your app has a good rating and good reviews and yes, has considerable number of app downloads, then your app will appear in the top of the app searches. This ensures that people will get to know your app. In short, your app visibility increases all because of the mentioned factors. 

Importance of Reviews: Reviews tell your app ranking 

User Reviews and installs are reflections of your app rating. The cycle of app ratings is a very complex one. The app ranking of your app depends mainly upon two things. The number of installs and the user ratings. The more downloads you have, the better your rating will be. The same goes for the user ratings. Now here I lies the trick. Your app downloads depends on the app reviews, which in turn depends on the app rating. The user reviews motivate users to download your app and it is then after use that your app gets a user rating. Now, there in is the scope for improvement. If you get good user reviews, your app downloads will increase and ultimately your app will top the charts. 

Why getting reviews is a difficult task? 

2017 or 2018. One thing that has not changed is the fierce competition of survival in the App Store. And neither will it ever change. Now that you know the importance of App reviews, you might wonder: What’s the big deal? After all its only review. Well, this is definitely a matter of concern especially for new developers. When you are new in the App Store, your app’s presence is quite low and also you have a lot of competing apps for the same product that you are offering. 

Until and unless people download your app and use it, you won’t get app reviews and unless you have good reviews, people won’t download your app. See the complications? 

How to get things started? 

Well, there are many options for doing that. But in this article, we will focus on how you can get better ratings on your app through websites. 

Shocked? Well, there are many websites that offer you with an option to buy app reviews. At a cost obviously. Let us take a look on some of the important platform to get free reviews? 

  • This web service provides complete app care for you. It takes care of advertising your app and also provides ratings and reviews for your app. The price plans are really cheap and it is simple to use. All the ratings offered by this websites are genuine. This is why this website is used by thousands and thousands of people all over the world to take care of all their app marketing needs. There are several plans to choose from according to your rating as well as review needs. This service is available for both android and iOS apps. 
  • This is another great app review and install web service. This website offers app monitoring services and also takes care of your app reviews and app ratings. With this service, you can monitor your app traffic and can also get genuine reviews for your app. You just need to select the plan that matches your expectations and needs. Rest everything is taken care by the web service.
  • Reviewapp4u is similar to It also gives you genuine ratings as well as reviews for your apps. There are a lot of plans according to the number of ratings and reviews that you want. The best part, the plans are affordable and can be used extensively. 
  • This web service provides ratings and high quality reviews for your app. These input are from trusted users so every rating and review is organic. The plans are relatively cheap and there is no risk lying with it.
  • This is probably one of the most used web service by app developers. This service is for both iOS and android apps. A wide option of plans are available according to your budget. Every rating and review that you get for your app is organic i.e. it comes from genuine users.

There are many websites which offer genuine ratings and reviews but they uses bots for the purpose. This can do much harm for your app. Google as well as iOS app Store have strict rules regarding the use of bots in influencing anything to your app. If detected, they either block your app or in worst cases might lead to removal of your app from the App Store. 

There are plenty of websites available which provides real and unique rating for your app. Make sure that you get the service that you want and also that the websites are genuine and authentic. 

How to get free installs on Android app?

Apps have gradually become a part of our lives. They are everywhere and for everything that you probably want. From hotel booking to reading a book, there is an app for everything. The reason for the growing trend of app usage are lots, ranging from the functions that they do to the convenience that they bring with their usage. This on growing demand is reasonably justified by the app developers, the result of which is an exaggerating rate of competition in the app market. 

In such a fierce environment, the only things that can help you stand out of the competition are: quality of your app & marketing of your app. The quality of your app is a must-have before you think about the competition ahead. The next important thing is selling your app and making people download your app. In this article, we will talk about some of the ways to get free installs on android.

Before that, let’s see how you can increase your app coverage and build an audience.

  • Social Media Outreach: Social media can be your guide to success. Today, there is no better a platform than social media websites for advertising your product and reach out to your customers. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are few to name. We recommend that you make a facebook and Instagram account for your app before it is launched. This ensures a good pre-marketing platform which not only helps you to advertise your product but also helps to wide spread your app’s name. Be creative with your content, engage your audience with regular events and new happenings. A good social media outreach can definitely make your app popular and help it to stand out in the long queue of competing apps. 
  • A Teaser Video Perhaps: Videos are the new trend today. People generally prefer to watch a movie then reading a book. The same concept applies here. Making a video of your app can attract a large number of people. Videos are an excellent tool to showcase everything that you have and also to make your product known in the market. Make sure you come with creative ideas for the video. Instead of making an introductory video, you might want to make an engaging video followed by a contest or a new trend setting signature statement. Because why not? This will definitely influence people to download your app. Make sure you also ask them to review your app if they like it.
  • Sponsor Integrations: Want an out of box idea? Here it is. This probably is not followed in the market but sponsor integrations can be the new business in some time. By co-existing with other franchise, you can market your app. Confused? Let us explain. If you have an app that lets users discover hotels and lodges, then you can partner with app that offers cab and bus bookings apps. This way you will share a common business route. By sharing each other’s resources and helping each other, apps can easily take a lead out of the competition and can make profits.

  • Put Awards and prizes: This might sound familiar to most of you. And trust us, this is a really effective solution for app promotion. By rewarding your customers for referrals and using your app services, you can promote your app. Referral schemes make your app the topic for the today. Your app gets frequently used and shared amongst people. By giving away awards for selected paid services, such as by giving discount coupons can help you to hold your customers for long.  
  • Marketing: Market your app to the extent you can. Leave no area unturned. Submit your app for review at app review websites. These websites have millions of potential customers that you can tap into. Use social media to the maximum, advertise on TV and newspapers if you can. The more your app’s presence in the market, the better are your chances to increase the number of downloads. 

Tips to get free installs

App Quality: This is the foremost thing that needs to be ensured. You cannot people to use your product unless it’s the best. With so many competitors, you need to make sure that your app is the best product available in the market. Your app should be stable and there should be no bugs or crash issues. Not only that, your app should have all the features there is to offer in a particular segment. Work on your app design and UI, its icon and features. Keep providing updates for your app and also try introducing new features after every 2 months. This way you can keep your users interested in your app. User dissatisfaction can lead to a poor market for your app and this should be avoided at all costs. 

Marketing: You need to generate awareness amongst the users about your app. Get people to know about your app. This is the only way to ensure that your app is downloaded. There are a number of aso strategy services and you should be very careful in selecting the right plan. Invest some money on advertisements and contact app store optimisation agencies to help you through the process. A good marketing plan can work wonders for your app.

Traditional Advertising: Nothing can match promotion platforms like the old school traditional advertising. It involves the use of print media like newspaper, magazines and handouts to advertise and promote your app. It also includes the use of digital media like TV ads to promote your app. Creativity is the key in this. You need to attract a large number of people and you have a lot of options and facilities to choose from. Following the traditional approach boosts your visibility multi fold and also helps you to gain trust and good name among people. 

Search Engine Optimization: This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your app. Basically you optimize your app according to buzzing keywords and this increases the chances of your app coming in the top search results in search engines. SEO has been in use for a long time now. Developers depend on aso companies for advertising and why not. SEO has tremendous potential to get you valuable users and to increase your app installs. Buy Android App Store Installs: Yes, you heard it right. You can buy your android app installs. We know many of you would tell that it’s an unethical thing to do. Well, let us explain why this is a good step. As we said, it is extremely difficult for a new app to get downloads but this can be changed. If you buy app installs, your app downloads will increase. This will do two things. One: your app downloads increases which helps your app to move up the app chart. And second: more number of downloads improves your app’s good name. People start trusting your app and once your app visibility increases, you are set to move up and up the app store chart.