How to attract users on our Android apps?

Only publishing an app on the app store or app market is not the path to success. The main factor to your app’s success is its users. Users decide the fate of an app and for this you have to get lots of users. Users not only download your app but also rate and review it which is published by Google on app store so that people can get a better idea about your app before downloading and rating & reviews are also considered as very important factors for ranking algorithm. Downloads makes more downloads and better rating and reviews. Users are solely responsible of any app’s victory. So, as an app developer your main job is to get more and more customers, convince them in every possible way to download your app, excite them with your app’s charming features, make your app popular in every corner so that they badly need to download your app and see what’s inside in it. 

Now today’s main problem, app market is already holding maximum numbers of apps. Apps from different categories are by this time giving a very tough competition to each other. So, how are you going to get your downloads? There is no. of possible ways through which you can make people download your app without forcing them or irritating them. 

  • Application features

Your app will turn in successful venture only when you put amazing stuffs inside. It simply means that you can’t impress people with serving only delicious looking food; it has to be good in taste also. Your app’s features are only responsible for your app’s retention rate and rankings also. Longer installs brings positive retention rate and keeps your app ranking high for long time. Features must be definite, confident easy to use and satisfied. Proper updates can do more progress.

No. of ways to get more users-

  • Use right keywords-

Keyword research and optimisation is very essential for app’s success. Most of apps are searched organically. 63% of iOS users search app organically. Keywords should be wisely used and placed in title and description. . Any keyword which you use should be accurate and important to your app and audience.

  • Social media marketing-

Social media these days are very lively. Every person basically has now social accounts through which they get so many things enjoyment, information, shopping details, application knowledge and awareness. This is new way to promote your app. users of every kind are very much attentive or alert in social media. They send quick replies, they react, they post and they try also whatever useful they are suggested with. Social media do app promotions. There are two ways through which you can connect to your audience organic or paid. The social media platforms where apps tend to get most attention are-

Facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, foursquare. 

Organic- organic promotions are easy and simple like having a presence with social media page or account like fb page, instagram account or twitter profiles etc. creating accounts and people follow your page. Target audience reach you. You can collect audience with posting useful, informative things, and posting attractive pictures about your app and its related work. People will join your group if they like it and download your app. like instagram where you can create an account on your app’s name and logo and post pictures like food related app with delicious meal pictures.

Paid- putting a bit of money behind your app promotion will boost your app discoverability. It makes your app more visible to target viewers. 

  • Mind ratings-

Ratings play a very significant role in persuading users to download your app. potential users like to see past user’s behaviour towards your app and ratings give enough proof. Rating below 4stars is considered not well. It is highly important for the users and app developer to value the users’ feedback and views.

  • Create a video

You can create a video promoting your app and highlighting your app features in best possible manner as well as very interestingly. Uploading a video promoting an app on youtube or app store page or social networking sites is a great way to attract users to adopt your app. always considers making quality video that reflects your app’s quality. It highlights the features of your app in a simplest and convincing way. You can easily convince users to download your app.

  • Listen to customer feedback

See it’s not possible to get 100% positive reviews; you may get negative ones too. Instead of being sad accept your app’s fault and start working on it. Don’t ever dare to stop working once you have launched your app. Always assure your users that you will work on its limitations and think it as a development job. It will certainly bring you more satisfied reviews and downloads.

  • Participate in quora

Queries are posted on Quora. Great opportunity to build credibility in your app.’s category by responding to queries posted on it. Quora is very famous and most of people try to find their answers from here, you can make your app more famous and get more users by only promoting your app while giving proper response to asked question.

  • Submit your app to various sites

It doesn’t take much effort. There are many sites allow you to list your apps. It will attract more of customers. Spreading your app in different app markets makes your app available at every possible corner and users can download from anywhere. Google play store gives certain significance to the no. of links to your plays store listing page.

  • Gifts 

You can make your app famous through sending gift vouchers. Like whenever people download your app they get 50rs. Balance in their phone or free movie tickets or certain rate of discount while shopping from particular site. This actually works; this is beneficial for both user’s and developer’s and also to third party if any. This is basically nowadays very famous method which strongly influences users to download the app.

  • Improve the app tore page design

A lot of people have managed to get more of app installs through changing the look of their app, its logo and design of app store page design. App store page design is part of advertisements and advertisement always should be done in most convincing way. A little attractive difference can bring you target customers.

  • Upgrade your ASO

The better is your app optimisation the more installs you receive in future. Never ever stop working on it. Don’t forget to test your app in every device. You can improve your product make it more suitable, compatible for every kind of device. Choose an attractive app icon which should be unique, designed, ideal and approachable. ASO defines whether users should download your app or not.

  • App promotion sites

Buying android installs is an effective measure to get your users attraction. You can get as many installs at first for which you have to pay but when you get enough installs backed with positive reviews and ratings, you start to get organic installs very soon. Android App market consist of millions of apps and every software developer is facing heavy competition and taking benefits is not possible until to you receive good ratings , reviews, rankings and thousand of installs. These days it doesn’t matter how much your app is good but if people are unknown to your app they will simply guess the position of app with ratings , reviews and rankings so it is necessary to be recognised and for recognition every developer should consider buying app installs , reviews & ratings.

Buying Android App Installs can boost your app to come at the top and to take position in the featured list of Android App store. Ratings, reviews, rankings, downloads are the perfect ingredients to reach the desired destination.

There are many companies out there from where you can buy installs.

  • Get good reviews

Apart from negative reviews, try to get more of positive high quality reviews from users. Most of users make decision only on the basis or ratings and reviews.80-90% people check reviews from app before downloading they check worth of app , try to evaluate app’s features, they read customers behaviour towards app in reviews. Reviews are mirror of app.

Above given no. of ways to attract customers are very effective and tried. So if you want to get stocks of download you can apply to these methods according to your suitability.