Marketing problems and advertising techniques for ASO agencies


Some common problems that every client faces when they come to app store optimization company and you are here to solve the entire problem. Those problems are common but major ones which need to be addressed on time to remove all the barriers and embrace the marketing opportunities, growth, development and sales increase of the product and services. This article is prepared for both agency and any enterprise other than agency if you are a company then replace client name with your company name.

Top app store optimization companies in Bangalore have conquered all over its marketing problems and are consistently improving their services with the changing time and beating the competition in their own freestyle. There a list of aso companies in Bangalore, their applied tactics, marketing strategies would help you to get great knowledge if you have opened a new ad agency. ASO companies in Bangalore are just best at its services and set an example for new firms how to tackle the situation and rise above the mud and excel at whatever your job is.

Marketing issues and related solutions

  1. Your client’s product and services needs a little attention

Your client product is in a state where no one cares to look at it. Any products for being sold have to be looked first. This is not actually a drawback but a challenge, a challenge which needs to be accepted. There are many things that an ad agency can do to gain precious 2minutes of customers.

Solution to this problem-

 Find the influencers in the marketplace this strategy is now not very difficult because you don’t have to move your legs but social media and Google will do that for you. Social media and Google basically posses all the details of the customer and can help you find targeted customers without much effort but research work. You just have to find bloggers, analysts, and adopters and people who were talking about your market and build network.

Try to be social, join discussion groups, attend quora query and support the clients products and services promote them. Offer guidance and support. 

Start forming a connection between your Client Company and targeted audience, start building a unique selling preposition which connects somehow products with customers need and trust. Show your beliefs, ideas; concern right people will notice it.

2. Your client’s is tired of trying everything

Seriously, no one wants to waste their money at something which they already have or conquered if a client approaches you means he is concerned about his business and wants you to take interest deeply in his business growth opportunities or problems related to sales. It shows that he has tried everything but nothing worked it might be possible that whatever he tried was with lack of perfection or expert techniques in that work. 

Solution to this problem- 

Search engine optimisation- it’s really effective try it. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, original organic, editorial or earned or 100% natural search results on search engines. It increases online visibility. But SEO is a long run synonym marathon you can’t win it like a race make it sure your client gets or understand this fact.

Creating public relations, it requires a lot of work to be done; building media lists, generating newsworthy stories, compile pitch stuffs, together. Its effects are long term but it works slowly as good things takes time. Evaluate your every details and just go for improvement.

3. Don’t know how to compete actually and is lost in the market world

Competition is growing at a very fast pace. If you want to stand out from the competition you have to look at your competitor’s policy and marketing strategies so that actually you can apply something different that makes you elegant and noticeable. You have to compete hard in order to make room for your services in this field and this is for both agency as well as client.

Solution to this problem- going niche is right decision to take. Let your expertise spreads across all the deals.

4. A very compact budget

Client has set a budget and they want to be served best in the same. They come with predefined budget and want to seek all possible best services from you in order to rise their selling and brand value. Actually when they present their first budget that’s not exactly they only have you have to do something to raise their budget a little in order to maximize the utility or full-fledged professionalism.

Solution to this problem- 

Confirm them your strategic plans and actions which your agency has decided for its benefit. Agree them that without that sound strategic plan they are just going to waste their dollars.

Show them return on investment that they can easily expect from each campaign. You have to be sure with your details because here you are convincing them and that shouldn’t be a fake report or analysis. Feel them contented with your expertise and professional ad campaigns.

5. Brand recognition almost absent

Main important point is brand development or establihment. What names or slogans or taglines or a word is there to remember you and your products in any way? Coming from ground level and building a brand name to become a big industry. 

Solution to this problem

How to acquire brand recognition

  • Evaluate the brand

Whatever brand you have currently or at present think practically is it working? Needs any improvement or modifications? Are you satisfied with its name used? No tagline needs to develop? Any effectiveness or popularity you get to see? Focus on these things and evaluate logically.

  • Get to know the brand

Understand that the product’s customers, who are, targeted audience, your unique selling preposition, what you show about your product to people? And who does not come under the product category.

  • Consistent brand

Try to create a consistency in everything related to company, all of the property should look like belongs to the company, website, social media profiles, print materials, business cards and email footers etc. 

  • Online marketing

Online marketing is very rich and well settled. You can do many things like social media marketing, email marketing, electronic newsletters, content developers, graphic designers, printing materials, website developing or enhancing if it exists, sponsoring, SEO/Keyword researches, Marketing researches and software, Events organising, Data analysis, Mobile applications inserting your firm names or ad campaigns.

  • Public relations

Establishing PR as I have told you is a long process but is very effective to win customers heart and mind for long term. It can go a long way to change the perception of brand. It takes experience and dedication to move right.

Ways to establish connection with clients

  • Transparency- not hiding anything, giving every material information in detail and describing everything in an understanding manner
  • 24hours support- support should be for 24*7 and there must be some way effective for communication where he can clear his doubts or give suggestions, ideas or improve anything predecided
  • Paying attention to every details sent by clients, always remain connected with clients your communication shows how your agency is. 
  • Establish trust and confidence not by mere words but by actions. Stay accountable and reliable.
  • Maintain after sale relationship never treats an old client like no one, he should be treated as priority because it establishes goodwill and Goodwill attracts more clients.

Role of ad agencies-

  • Its role starts with identifying client’s goal and objectives as what they want.
  • Advertising agency is a service provider that assist its client developing suitable ad campaigns for them
  • Ad agencies main work is to represent its client product in such a manner before its customer that leaves a very positive image.
  • Ad agencies work with an objective with utmost professionalism to optimum use of people’s experience, knowledge to advertise the client’s product. 
  • Doing research on company, its product and possible reactions of customers 
  • Planning for type of media to be used for advertising where to be used and fro how much time.

Advertising techniques which can be used by any advertisers 

Best advertising techniques should be adopted in order to achieve desired results. So here below given are some common and most used techniques used by the advertisers.

  • Emotional advertisement
  • Promotional advertisement

This method basically says that you are clearly involved in distributing sample products to people to gain some attention and to become their new taste. Distributing products small sample for free may cost you high at first but is very beneficial as this attracts so much attention. You can give it in ad campaigns, promotional events, trade fairs, etc. 

  • Unfinished ads

Unfinished ads are the most interesting way to keep your customers on your track. It gives a feeling of suspense and what would be next part excites most like any drama or daily soap episodes last scenes creates so much suspense to just keep audiences with them, in the same way interesting or suspense ads can do that work for you. Creating such ads develops a feeling to know more about the product.

  • Praising Customers 

Appreciating customers choice their level of thinking involve under this. This is indirectly forcing them to have best choice by selecting them (client’s product) only over competitors. Creating or making any ad and showing that your product is the best and your customer know well this fact because they are smart and worth it kind.   

  • Country oriented ads

Connecting your nation while promoting your product, it’s not selfish instead it develops a feeling of being patriotic and generates thinking about our own nation can become more strong, leader and self sufficient etc. being patriotic you can admire your clients product. If you are going to buy one pack of this you will be helping one child such kinds of ads are praised and connecting organisation and donating to needy ones provides self satisfaction too. 

  • Offers

Like bribing where you simply give them mouth watering offers like buy 1 get 2 or buy 2 get 3 yeah sounds really exciting. These kinds of offers forces customers to at least check for once the shop and who knows may be after that they like your product.

  • Interesting quizzes

Conducting face to face or online quizzes and describing about your product is also one fine strategy. TV ads like asking several questions from several people and in last answering your product’s brand name.

  • Social networking sites

Social networking sites are these days very active and awesome. Through this way you can spread awareness about your client company and its products to many people at the same time. Networking sites are the future.  Blogging is also very effective tool through which you can share information. It does extra promotion and takes you ahead of competition. Twitter, whatsapp, facebook or Instagram are some of the most popular social networking sites which connects people from all over world and nowadays it creates a strong base for business deals, contracts, where you directly communicate to your clients, their customers your customers.