Working Tricks for more reviews for IOS app

App market has been a place for fire-fights from the very beginning. Obvious no? There are around a million apps in Play Store alone, and there are iOS and Windows store too. In a market where there are millions of products to compete with, things can never become easy. And neither we expect it to be. You know why? Cos this will keep going on. With resources becoming accessible and prevalence of start-up culture, we are likely to witness another boom in App Store soon. 

You might have read thousands of blogs and might have gone through various websites to learn how to promote your app and lead the App Store. But we are sure that all those things might have been quite tricky or expensive. Plus its tough for a new app developer to put too much of economy in a single product and we understand that. That is why this article is meant to help all those new developers and also the top players too (if they need help 😉 ). 

In this article we will go through the working tricks to get real app reviews and installs for your iOS app. Here’s how: 

Ask Out: Let’s face it. If we go into statistics, you will notice that people generally don’t take out time to write reviews even if they liked your app. And this is true in many levels. Remember the last time you wrote an interview. You probably can’t. Similarly people don’t want to invest their time in writing reviews. But reviews are important for you. They give reviews or not. You need them. That leaves you with only option. Ask them out. Yes why not. How will they know what you want unless you ask for it? But you need to be innovative before you ask them to provide all the reviews that you need. Make sure you pitch your requirements carefully. No one wants to annoy customers and what’s more annoying than advertisements. 

Make sure you have good ratings: Before you seek out to get more installs on your app, ensure that you have good rating on your app. When people search for apps, the first thing that people see is the app ratings. Only if your app has a good rating, you can expect people to download your app. The thing is. Ratings are the reflection of your app’s performance and only after you make sure that the app rating is good, you can expect your app to lead the app store. There are many ways to ensure that your app has a good rating. You can use app review and promotion websites and get ratings for your app. You can even hire freelancers if you want to boost your drive. 

Quality: Before you get into technicalities of app marketing, make sure that your app is up to mark. A good quality app is the first and foremost thing that you should ensure. People might look into design and UI of the app but the only thing that matters is the app content and quality. Being a developer, you should understand the importance of app quality. Try adding new and innovative things on your app. Make sure you provide regular update for your apps. Ensure stability of your app. If your app faces bugs or issues, you can never expect it to be popular amongst people. 

Reward your users: Yes. Asking for reviews is one thing and getting reviews is another. One of the best ways to ensure that people review your app is by rewarding them. By giving small discounts on in-app purchases, you can easily influence people to review and rate your product. The same scenario applies for app installations as well. By providing app referrals and discounted coupons, customers can be lured into downloading your app. Let’s look in a case study of Tez. This app was released by Google last year and within few months, Tez had occupied 30% of market share competing against top giants like PhonePe and PayTm. This success can be traced down to various referral and award schemes put forward to the users. This can be applied to your apps and you can make sure that you get more installs on your app. 

Competitions and bonuses: A great way of involving your users is by conducting competitions and awarding them bonuses. Say there is a competition in which you ask users to give their feedback on a particular app and in return you can award them with an extended trail period or maybe a free premium account. Basically anything you can afford. Awards can be appealing and can influence people to do what you want. This  gets easier in gaming apps. You can keep a mission/stage as completing feedback for the app. There are so many ways to optimise this for your app. Only you need to be creative and yes you do need to think out of the box. 

What else?

There are many ways by which you can buy app user reviews for your app. Below is the list of few methods that you can use for the purpose. 

  • Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, you can ask them to write good user reviews and give ratings for your app and you can even ask them to download your app. There are a number of freelancers hiring websites where you can post your ad and get your work done. 
  • App Review websites: A lot of app review websites provide with an option to buy app reviews and ratings. These websites have a large number of active users who are paid to write well customised reviews for your app and also give good ratings. The best part is that every review is organic and there is no chance of your app being marked by Google. 
  • Marketing Firms: Many marketing agencies provide packages of app review and ratings. They have plans depending on your requirement of ratings. Once you select a package, these firms ask their support staff to write user ratings and also provide ratings to your app. 
  • App Support websites: There are few websites which look after your marketing needs and also allows you to buy user ratings and reviews at considerable prices.

A word of caution. Buying app reviews is an easy task but some care should be given. Make sure, whatever source you use, down not use bots for providing ratings. Google has a strict rule with the use of bots and if found, your app will be marked and can also be removed from the play store. 

What are the important platform to get free reviews?

What’s more difficult than writing codes? Well app marketing obviously. Making people to download your app is possibly one of the biggest challenge you will face as a developer. And this challenge is a really important one. If done well, your app can be one of the top performing apps and if you fail somehow, then there are chances that your app will move out of the competition. This is clear now. App Marketing is a pretty important thing. 

Decoding App Performance 

Before going deeper into the topic, let us understand how the App Store works and how your app’s performance is measured. Coming into basics, your app’s performance is measured by mainly three things. These are: 

  1. App Reviews
  2. App Ratings
  3. App installs 

To get through this quickly, let us start with the simplest fact. Before people download your app, they generally look at the app ratings and read the app reviews. This is a way to ensure that your app can be trusted and can be installed. Your app’s standing in the search list also depends on the above mentioned factors. If your app has a good rating and good reviews and yes, has considerable number of app downloads, then your app will appear in the top of the app searches. This ensures that people will get to know your app. In short, your app visibility increases all because of the mentioned factors. 

Importance of Reviews: Reviews tell your app ranking 

User Reviews and installs are reflections of your app rating. The cycle of app ratings is a very complex one. The app ranking of your app depends mainly upon two things. The number of installs and the user ratings. The more downloads you have, the better your rating will be. The same goes for the user ratings. Now here I lies the trick. Your app downloads depends on the app reviews, which in turn depends on the app rating. The user reviews motivate users to download your app and it is then after use that your app gets a user rating. Now, there in is the scope for improvement. If you get good user reviews, your app downloads will increase and ultimately your app will top the charts. 

Why getting reviews is a difficult task? 

2017 or 2018. One thing that has not changed is the fierce competition of survival in the App Store. And neither will it ever change. Now that you know the importance of App reviews, you might wonder: What’s the big deal? After all its only review. Well, this is definitely a matter of concern especially for new developers. When you are new in the App Store, your app’s presence is quite low and also you have a lot of competing apps for the same product that you are offering. 

Until and unless people download your app and use it, you won’t get app reviews and unless you have good reviews, people won’t download your app. See the complications? 

How to get things started? 

Well, there are many options for doing that. But in this article, we will focus on how you can get better ratings on your app through websites. 

Shocked? Well, there are many websites that offer you with an option to buy app reviews. At a cost obviously. Let us take a look on some of the important platform to get free reviews? 

  • This web service provides complete app care for you. It takes care of advertising your app and also provides ratings and reviews for your app. The price plans are really cheap and it is simple to use. All the ratings offered by this websites are genuine. This is why this website is used by thousands and thousands of people all over the world to take care of all their app marketing needs. There are several plans to choose from according to your rating as well as review needs. This service is available for both android and iOS apps. 
  • This is another great app review and install web service. This website offers app monitoring services and also takes care of your app reviews and app ratings. With this service, you can monitor your app traffic and can also get genuine reviews for your app. You just need to select the plan that matches your expectations and needs. Rest everything is taken care by the web service.
  • Reviewapp4u is similar to It also gives you genuine ratings as well as reviews for your apps. There are a lot of plans according to the number of ratings and reviews that you want. The best part, the plans are affordable and can be used extensively. 
  • This web service provides ratings and high quality reviews for your app. These input are from trusted users so every rating and review is organic. The plans are relatively cheap and there is no risk lying with it.
  • This is probably one of the most used web service by app developers. This service is for both iOS and android apps. A wide option of plans are available according to your budget. Every rating and review that you get for your app is organic i.e. it comes from genuine users.

There are many websites which offer genuine ratings and reviews but they uses bots for the purpose. This can do much harm for your app. Google as well as iOS app Store have strict rules regarding the use of bots in influencing anything to your app. If detected, they either block your app or in worst cases might lead to removal of your app from the App Store. 

There are plenty of websites available which provides real and unique rating for your app. Make sure that you get the service that you want and also that the websites are genuine and authentic. 

Best Get Reviews On App. Android Apps

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