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Updated review:The Diaro support team is great- they have taken care of the issue and I now have the pro version I wanted.It appears that since the iTunes charge was pending (as iTunes often waits days to charge for payment) I never got the pro version android reviews buy. All I had to do was send a screenshot of the pending charge and the Diaro team fixed the problem and now I have the app.I’m happy with my experience and I’m looking forward to my Diaro journaling!

 First review:Tried to enter this with no stars but I had to put in one for the rating to submit.Bought the pro version but nothing has changed. The app won’t provide a way for me to contact the developer, it says I haven’t set up a mail account in order to email, even though I have signed in with my email and password. Have tried to email from the app page in the App Store, haven’t heard back yet.

 I want to see that I actually bought the app. I don’t need it to keep inviting me to buy the pro version, and then when I do, have it tell me I already bought it. I don’t want to see ads anymore. I want to know that I have received what I paid for.So very frustrating. Right now I’m ready to forget the whole thing and try to get my money back but will wait till tomorrow to see if there’s any change get reviews on app.

NOT HAPPY SO FAR!!!!!This app is so much better than JRNL because you don’t have to worry about people making comments about your entries that might offend anyone and I like the fact that you can export your entries into a pdf document… I’m curious, is the pro version a subscription or a one time purchase? And I would like to add a suggestion: I think that People should be able to send their entries via SMS or iMessage with the date and location when it comes to sending letters via SMS. Overall this app is so much better than JRNL…. WAY TO GO AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

I happened across this app over a year ago and after searching for what felt like forever through all the diary apps I could find. Trying to find the perfect one for me. Most diary apps have too much dumb stuff in them that i personally do not care for. This Diary has a the gist of what I needed and wanted. I enjoy it’s layout, the color categories and tags, and especially that I can place photos in it. So for when on days I don’t have time or jus don’t feel up to writing, I at least snap a photo for it. If you don’t like a lot of useless overkill in your diary this is the one to get.I have been using Diaro Pro for years and years now. I ran the gamut on different journal apps, many are good but each lacked something so I was always just shy of satisfied buying app installs. I came upon Diaro and new I found the one that meet all my criteria.It can be used on different platforms which is huge with me. I have an android phone so I had to have something