ASO and its significance

App Store Optimization (ASO) is known by a few names, including App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO. The function of ASO is to improve the visibility of a mobile app in an app store such as App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry. 

Why is ASO important?

If you haven’t already been convinced that you need to devote more time to your app store optimization strategy then the following benefits are sure to be enough to change your mind – 


  • Organic installs

One of the best things about ASO is that with a good strategy your organic installs will increase and cost you absolutely nothing! Once you’re optimized your app will start ranking higher for different search results, improving your visibility and increasing your organic downloads, all whilst keep your acquisition costs down.



  • Get your app in front of relevant users


The key word here is relevant.  If you aren’t using the same keyword that your target users are searching for, or your app description doesn’t explain well what your app does, or even if you’ve chose the wrong category, all these factors reduce the chances of getting your app in front of the right user.



  • Increased revenue


If you monetize your app in any way, say from ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases etc., then ASO will benefit you in terms of increased revenue from all the extra downloads you are receiving.



  • Stability


These extra downloads and increased revenue provide your app with a much more stable future. Once the downloads slow down it may be tempting to up your marketing budget further but this is not always a profitable option and the money will eventually run out. However, with continuous effort and regular tweaks of your app store page you can keep those organic downloads coming in consistently over time by improving or maintaining your rank in the app store search.


Top 5 App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies 2020


 I have listed top players in this domain that allow effective app promotion & marketing strategies on all available mobile app discovery paths. Get your app discovered easily in app stores and online by picking a company from the below list of Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies in 2020. It will be feasible to hire the best app marketing companies for your mobile app from this list.

      1. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Their team is skilled mobile app marketing experts who make a complete audit of the app’s USP, recommendations, suggestions, and reviews before planning and executing the changes. Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the Best ASO agencies. They provide app promotion and change your top rating expectations in reality. They provide successful marketing strategies and solutions, specially created for certain app promotion and its further development.


  1. Moburst 

It is the global marketing services company that helps that helps brands grows their mobile business.  Every day, their team’s mission is to innovate creative solutions that connect brands and startups with highly targeted audiences that convert into loyal users.

  1. Udonis Inc.

This company founded in 2015. Udonis is the leading performance marketing agency providing marketing solutions for business clients all around the world. It is an award-winning mobile app marketing agency which specializes in user acquisition & monetization for mobile apps & games. This is also one of the best ASO agencies.


     4. App growth Network.

App growth Network is been founded in 2018. They are a global network of digital professionals with many years of experience. They are your growth partners. This is global marketing’s agency and comes on top 5 in terms of Best ASO agencies. They make sure your growth game is strong both in organic – through stellar App Store Optimization (ASO) – and through paid media channels like Apple Search Ads (ASA), Google Ads App Campaigns (formerly UAC), Facebook ads and more.


  1. Yodel Mobile


Established in 2007, they focus on delivering a success-driven end-to-end service through its app growth expertise. Yodel Mobile is a global and best ASO agency. Yodel Mobile is an award-winning full-service global mobile marketing agency. Whether you want to scale your app or establish a successful growth blueprint from launch, Yodel Mobile has a success-driven end-to-end service led by their award-winning growth team, made bespoke for each client.